How it works

Step 1

First of all, contact me with your word count and the type of editing or evaluation you want. We will agree upon a fee and a time frame. Once I have received your payment in full, I will begin the editing process.

Step 2

You send me your manuscript! Your work must be submitted to me in the form of a single Word document, the font must be Times New Roman or Calibri (12-pt. font), and must be double-spaced. It will help me do my work much more quickly!

Step 3

When I receive confirmation of payment, I will begin my working on my feedback.


Step 4

I will return your manuscript, with edits and comments by our agreed-upon delivery date.

Please don't send me your manuscript before contacting me or before we have an agreed-upon fee and time frame. Editing or one-to-one coaching can be very personal, so please contact me first so we can decide if it would be a good idea to work together.

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