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How Much Does it Cost?

Manuscript Evaluations and Editorial Services

For manuscripts I charge by word count. My fees will differ according to the kind of editing you want. The fees listed below are to give you an estimate. To get an accurate quote, please send me the total word count of your manuscript and I will contact you with a figure.

Manuscript Evaluation- £40 per 10 000 words

Quick Pitch Package- £200 flat fee

Express Evaluation (the opening 15 000 and a synopsis)- £125 flat fee

Substantive Editing-  £120 per 10 000 words

Line Editing- £100 per 10 000 words

Writing Coach 

Single Session- £35

Series of five sessions- £150

Series of ten sessions- £300

Please note that I also charge for the time it takes me to prepare materials for each session, including reading any work you wish to send me. I charge £20 per hour for this preparation.