Manuscript Evaluations

For manuscripts I charge by word count to make it easier for me to calculate. My fees will differ according to the kind of editing you want. Developmental editing is significantly more in-depth than copy-editing, but will take longer. 

Please note that the fees listed below are an estimate. To get an accurate quote, please send me the total word of your manuscript and I will contact you with a figure.

Prices from

Express Evaluation (the opening 15 000 and a synopsis)- £125 flat fee

Manuscript Evaluation- £40 per 10 000 words

Developmental Editing-  £120 per 10 000 words

Copy-Editing- £100 per 10 000 words

Writing Coach 

One-off Skype tutorial- £35

Series of five sessions (booked together)- £150

Series of ten sessions (booked together)- £300

"Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts."
-Larry L. King

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